Saturday, December 31, 2011

One more year...a little more gray...and a lifetime of memories.

This will be my last Blog of the year and it got me to thinking back on the year that was 2011. This past year has been one of ups and downs, now most years are filled with ups and downs, but this was different in so many ways. The year began covered in Ice and Snow, which in the South is an event in itself. I remember asking myself  "I wonder what this year has in store for me?"...It started off  ok I guess, nothing too awful crazy  until April 27th.  that's when life changed for a lot of people. Tornadoes ripped across the South destroying anything and everything that got in it's way.  Lives were lost, homes got destroyed and everyone I know, including me, all of a sudden had a new perspective on life. Personally for me I was safe but I had family and friends that could not say the same. So much death and destruction, it took a long time for normality to set back in but slowly people returned to everyday life, as hard as it was. I once had an elderly person to tell me "Son, from death comes life" and it must be true, because I know so many people that either had a baby, or found out they are going to have a baby, in my family alone we will have welcomed 5 new additions to the family. 2 girls have already been born, 2 more on the way and 1 little boy. All of these are my great nieces and nephews, it makes me feel old, but hey, I'm not even 40 yet. It was a terrible year in politics, no one party wanted to work with the other party and America was held hostage by all of the partisan Bullshit that usually accompanies Washington but this year was the worse in my lifetime. While the United States was at a standstill, the rest of the world revolted. Middle easterners decided enough was enough, they wanted freedom and was willing to die for it and many did as change swept through that region. Dictators were ousted  and people had a voice all of a sudden. Social networking played a huge roll in this movement, as the power of Facebook, Twitter and Youtube has really pushed aside mainstream media and relegated even the once trustworthy news outlets like CNN, Fox and the Network News, to "Yellow Journalism"...I never thought I would see the day when CNN would cover something so frivolous as a cat being rescued from a tree, but I saw it with my own eyes. Two of the worlds most dangerous men were killed in 2011...the death of Osama Bin Laden and Moammar Ghaddafi brought closure to so many people that suffered at the hands of these two tyrants. The war in Iraq ended, and it looks as if the Afghanistan war will be drawing closer to the end in the very near future. 2011 brought about changes for me as well, I have made so many strides in regaining some normality in my life. Health wise  I seem to be ok and being able to say that should be enough, but I have had so many blessing this past year, yes there have been tragedies but for the most part, the good out weighed the bad. I am at peace with what life has dealt me and I have not been in a better place both spiritually and physically in a long time. I have found an inner peace that has allowed me to open my mind to what life has to offer, I have reconnected with the most amazing woman, I have known her for some 20 plus years and kick myself for not being a better person when I was younger so I could have gotten to known her better way back then but better late than never, and's been worth the wait. So to sum up 2011,  5 new additions to the family, 2 new puppies, and 1 simply breath taking person that enjoys my company, she makes me look forward to every Wednesday evening...So for me, it's been One more year...a little more gray...and a lifetime of memories...Here's to hoping everyone has a safe and happy new years and I hope 2012 brings you the best of everything you deserve...'til next time...Peace...Love...and Happiness

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